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An employer shall make a reasonable effort to find a work schedule not to exceed eight hours in a workday, in order to accommodate any affected employee who was eligible to vote in an election authorized by this section and is unable to work the alternative schedule hours established as the result of that election.An employer shall be permitted to provide a work schedule not to exceed eight hours in a workday to accommodate any employee who was hired after the date of the election and who is unable to work the alternative schedule established as the result of that election.(a) Notwithstanding Section 511 or any other law or order of the Industrial Welfare Commission, an individual nonexempt employee may work up to 10 hours per workday without any obligation on the part of the employer to pay an overtime rate of compensation, except as provided in subdivision (b), if the employee requests this schedule in writing and the employer approves the request.The request by an employee shall be referred to as an overtime exemption for an employee-selected flexible work schedule.The facts constituting the necessity are: In order to adjust to the changing demographics of California’s workforce, economic challenges, volatile fuel prices, and transportation challenges for employees, and to timely provide working Californians with a beneficial work schedule that facilitates greater balance of work and life demands, it is necessary that this act take effect immediately.Upon the proposal of an employer, the employees of an employer may adopt a regularly scheduled alternative workweek that authorizes work by the affected employees for no longer than 10 hours per day within a 40-hour workweek without the payment to the affected employees of an overtime rate of compensation pursuant to this section.

The bill would except from its provisions employees covered by collective bargaining and specific public employees.A proposal to adopt an alternative workweek schedule shall be deemed adopted only if it receives approval in a secret ballot election by at least two-thirds of affected employees in a readily identifiable work unit.The regularly scheduled alternative workweek proposed by an employer for adoption by employees may be a single work schedule that would become the standard schedule for workers in the work unit, or a menu of work schedule options, from which each employee in the unit would be entitled to choose.As a result, many employers and human resource professionals are attempting to enact flexible workplace programs and policies to enhance employee engagement, recruit and retain top talent, reduce turnover costs, and increase productivity.(b) While California is often a pioneer in enacting laws that permit employees time away from the workplace, these laws generally provide only unpaid leave.Therefore, many employees are hesitant to take advantage of these laws because they want to avoid reducing their overall work schedule.

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Any alternative workweek schedule that was adopted pursuant to Wage Order Number 1, 4, 5, 7, or 9 of the Industrial Welfare Commission is null and void, except for an alternative workweek providing for a regular schedule of no more than 10 hours’ work in a workday that was adopted by a two-thirds vote of affected employees in a secret ballot election pursuant to wage orders of the Industrial Welfare Commission in effect prior to 1998.

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