Are donald glover and alison brie dating

We saw him play the insanely smart and quirky Rich Parnell in The Martian, and this year he took the world by storm with his fantastic new TV show, Atlanta.Next year we get to see Donald Glover in the highly anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming, as well as playing Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo movie coming out in 2018!The first film is The Masterpiece, which is a comedic documentary telling the story of Tommy Wiseau's infamous movie, The Room.This mockumentary has a stellar cast full of comedy superstars, such as: Dave Franco, Bryan Cranston, Seth Rogen, James Franco, among many others. W., is being distributed by Netflix, which is always a sign of a good show.He's got two films coming out next year — the first one is called Stuck, which also stars Felicity Day and Heather Matarazzo.This comedy is about a girl called Darby who is placed on house arrest in her ex-boyfriend's home, which he now shares with his fiance.The talented actors behind Abed, Annie, Britta, Pierce, Jeff and Shirley have all moved on to new and exciting projects — let's delve into how much they've changed since the first episode, and what projects they're working on now!See Also: Gillian Jacobs has been doing well since Community, most notably starring in the critically acclaimed Netflix comedy, Love.

This series will also have Ellen Wong and Kate Nash in the cast.2016 has been as fantastic year for the incredibly talented Donald Glover.

The Hollywood-born actress is still very young, yet she has an incredibly busy schedule, brimming with film and TV work.

In 2017, Alison Brie has two films coming out, as well as starring in a TV show.

This show ran for 11 episodes and is expected to return early 2017, according to creator #Judd Apatow: Gillian Jacobs currently only has one film releasing next year, Lemon, which focuses on a man's life unraveling after his blind girlfriend leaves him.

This film will also star Michael Cera and Judy Greer.

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