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I had many moments of depth and playfulness, and it was easy to flow between them.

There were many moments where I was just enjoying myself without worrying about anything, like dancing back-to-back with my eyes closed.

Feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in something like this and hope to see this grow with more opportunities in the future. It's AMAZING how much information is available with only nonverbal interactions.

Even when I thought an occasional exercise was too silly for me, I STILL learned everything I needed about the other person.

) as the geography, the overwhelming number of attractive people, and just the overall...We have been teaching you how to switch from the energy of being focused on outward searching, mental checklists, old fashion pickup artist manipulation , or the so called rules of dating, to being more present , using intuition, feel, reception and knowingness to be our initial guides.Really honoring the feminine aspects , reconnecting and rediscovering qualities inherent in us all.It was great, and makes me wish all my dating could be done this way. I really enjoyed it - my face hurt by the end from so much smiling and laughing. I can't make the next one as I have my son, but will definitely be back for another.Thanks , it was great to experience you as facilitator and be a part of your wonderful co-creation.

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