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It started out as a half-hour broadcast anchored by Mike Wallace, and airing Monday through Friday at a.m. Coincidentally, it replaced the daytime magazine program Calendar, which was hosted by Wallace's future 60 Minutes colleague Harry Reasoner. Wallace suggested Los Angeles newsman Joseph Benti as his replacement.

In August 1965, upon discovering that they could make more money airing reruns of I Love Lucy in the a.m. It was during Joseph Benti's run (through August 28, 1970) that the program became the first regularly scheduled one-hour newscast ever on network television on March 31, 1969.

So on September 28, 1981, Morning dropped the days of the week from its title (except for Sunday Morning), was extended to 90 minutes and added Diane Sawyer as co-host; in the process, Captain Kangaroo was reduced to a half-hour daily and pushed to an earlier time period ( a.m.).

The Sunday edition of Morning, with Kuralt as host, was kept; it remains on the air under its original title, CBS News Sunday Morning (now hosted by Jane Pauley).

(Paar left CBS to take over NBC's Tonight in 1957.) Next came Good Morning!

with Will Rogers, Jr., which lasted for 14 months before being replaced in April 1957 by a different version of The Morning Show, a variety program hosted by Jimmy Dean, which ended that December after nine months. Eastern Time; it was followed by a 15-minute news program, the CBS Morning News, anchored by Stuart Novins, which led into Captain Kangaroo at a.m.

Paar, the most successful of them in drawing an audience, made significant changes in the tone of the program during his tenure as host, casting it into a talk program with some hard news elements but featuring an emphasis on humor and conversation, reminiscent of the kind of morning radio show he had done prior to World War II.

In 1956, Paar was moved from The Morning Show to his own late-morning talk program on the network, which aired after Captain Kangaroo.

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