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Is it because the UK government is classing VPN and Tor node hosts as "communication providers", and thus this means they are legally obliged to decrypt a suspect's internet traffic?

Or is it because it is not worried about the use of the technologies yet?

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This also means if the user does anything illegal, the police will go after the VPN provider and either ask it to suspend the user's account or to divulge the user's account details and IP address.

We’ll analyse your contracts, highlight and resolve gaps in compliance, tailor solutions to your business and can even develop a breach management strategy, with notification, to help prevent future problems.

Read more about our approach to: The GDPR introduces additional responsibilities onto organisations, to both evaluate any risks to the personal data they hold and then take action based upon such an assessment.

So it is surprising that these technologies have not been mentioned in the bill, as far as other countries such as Russia and China are concerned.

In January, China updated its firewall to block several popular VPN services from being used, while Russian politicians proposed banning the technology in February.

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