Dating in the elizabethan era

Garters were used to attach drawers to and some say she got the idea from breeches-wearing peasant women.Catherine and her friends were able to get away with wearing drawers based on a new way of riding horses that exposed the knees, which was considered indecent exposure during the time.The wearing of drawers was to protect a woman's decency.The validity of this historical note is up for debate, however, as women continued to mount horses the same way, sans drawers, during the 17th century.Most notably, it was during the Elizabethan Era that Catherine de Medici enforced slim waistlines via the help of new shapewear known as For both genders, garment colors, fabrics and trims were regulated due to Sumptuary Laws, which were intended to clarify social ranking and privilege.The many layers of clothing worn were actually quite similar between the sexes.Instead, the waist was emphasized along with highly-exaggerated hips.

It is interesting to note that Elizabethan women did not wear white when they married, rather they wore their best gowns and In addition to making corsetry a fashionable necessity, Catherine de Medici is also credited with introducing Italian women to the concept of trousers, or drawers, which tied around the waist and covered the thighs and knees.This tunic-like garment was sported by women as well as men.It was constructed as either a bodice and petticoat combination or as a loose garment that did not feature a defined waist, depending on the fashion trends of the time.Women’s fashion during the Elizabethan period was deeply rooted in masculine silhouettes.Women aspired to flatten and raise bustlines, but maintained femininity with exaggerated waistlines.

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Like always, the mystique of the female figure was highly sexualized no matter how hidden it was..

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