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With the support of Richard, Tom, Andrea, Denise, and current employees, our hope is that Minton Door Company can continue to build upon strong vendor/customer relationships while successfully serving the Bay Area's construction needs.

The Minton family has had an active part in building the Bay Area, dating back to 1911.

In fact several pieces of what we would now call Secessionist had been made before 1903 but introduced under different product names such as ‘Klyso’, ‘Argentea’ and ‘Anglosia’.

Mintons had been trying out new design ranges, but not all were successful, so some designs were incorporated into the Secessionist range.

At the top end, its large jardinieres on stands and floor standing vases were fairly expensive, although cheaper than many competitors, but the range also included everyday objects such as soap dishes, trinket sets, sponge holders, tea and coffee sets, comports and even a watering can.

The fact that these were in everyday use has meant that many were damaged in use and subsequently destroyed while others were no doubt thrown out when tastes changed later in the century.

In 2016, she starred alongside Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine in the critically acclaimed crime film Hell or High Water.

Throughout the years, the company has fluctuated between referencing itself as both Minton and Mintons.

Owens' oldest son Allen continued the legacy within the commercial sector and focused the business on commercial doors, frames and hardware.

This design was replaced by various markings, most of which bore either the letter "M' or the letters "M" and "B." From 1830 to 1860, the Minton mark was an arrow either pointing straight up or up and slightly to the left toward three dots.

Around the 1860s, the company also began imprinting its emblem which, since the latter half of the 19th century, has seen several evolutions that typically involve a grid globe flanked by laurel on both sides with the full name of either Minton or Mintons imprinted across the middle.

Pieces made prior to 1800 that are not gilded may have no markings.

During the 1820s, the Minton marking was simply two crossed swords.

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She had dramatic parts in films Take Shelter (2011), Drive Angry (2011), and Hell or High Water (2016), and did voice over work in Minions (2015).

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