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And, incredibly, the reason for Moroni's mood - he is sitting slumped, head in hands - is that he has been dumped by the woman he hoped would become wife number three.

He moans 'I've been heartbroken more times than I care to admit', which sparks a fresh wave of sympathetic noises from both his wives.

Martha has her arm around her husband Moroni and is clucking like an indulgent hen as she tries to coax him into a better temper.

The result was 'bride' number two, Temple, 27 - a Martha lookalike with straight dark hair, eager smile and thick glasses.

Polygamy is outlawed in America, but many polygamists live in rural backwaters.

Buxom, amiable and in her mid-30s, she is every inch the average housewife and mother.

At least she is until I glance to Moroni's right, and see the second woman who is trying to placate him.

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  1. For this reason, personal attendance at the Consulate is required, along with valid ID and the document to be signed. - The position of legal representative of physical or legal persons, of legal guardian, curator and the like. - All positions related to the fulfilment of military obligations. A statutory declaration can substitute for a corresponding certificate, and can be submitted by mail, together with the related application form as well as a photocopy of a valid piece of photo I. certificate of Canadian citizenship, Canadian marriage) would not be accepted, due to the fact that it would not be possible to verify the information.

  2. Before I go into what I’ve learnt from the whole experience I’d like to give a quick update on the guys I dated during the year. I haven’t stayed in contact with the 4 that knew about my challenge and most of the others who didn’t.

  3. I'm complimented regularly on my fashion sense and dress well, sexy but not revealing. I am hoping that Parship will be different, given the Personality Profile Test and it's matching capabilities.