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The joy well if you are reading this you know all about that... Other kids hated them but I liked the way they felt. When I was in high school and playing football, during one game I got hit quite hard in the gut. About 6 years ago I was getting a MRI and a visual inspection and I had to go through this cleaning out process. Of course I had an idea I was gonna get some good loving and caring from them.

When it was time for the MRI the doctor on an inspection said I had to have an enema, and that another doctor was going to give it to me. My wife and I love giving each other all kinds of enemas. Earlier this year we bought a stainless steel enema bucket on Amazon. Mom laid on the bed with me and put her breast in my mouth and allowed me to nurse it... I hadn't had a bowel movement in about 3-4 days and I was bloated and farty.

My wife, Beth, has been giving me an enema every other morning.

It was just another step in her total dominiation of me based on her frustration at my unwillingness to own up to the reality that I am a crossdresser.

I am now 63-years old and still like taking enemas. The whole thing started out like most of my enemas did. I first noticed I enjoyed and looked forward to them which seemed to be contrary to the way other children my age saw them.

Constipation may be uncomfortable for your cat, and it's frustrating to watch her struggle.

If your vet approves and your cat tends to be cooperative, you can try giving her an enema at home to relieve the problem.

last morning, I gave my self an time, I added some soap to the 2nd "round".going in, it was the same.after 6 more, I left the toilet wearing a diaper.,it was about an hour I'v burst in the diaper before I could stand up from the bed. Hi everyone I love taking enemas when I feel the need for a good cleanout - I went and brought a JBL Sit on enema bag & to tell the truth it's a real bloating experience - when I brought it I read the box & the information that cam with it & noticed that it fills 6 qrts & then...

My girl friend recently got in to enemas after her friend told her she takes them before anal so my girl friend has been taking them for about four months now.

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