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); this Price Changes list contains no reference to Catalog V, nor the FT 110 model.

27) Catalog V was commonly dated 1941 (Fisch); however we conclude it was likely not released before early 1942, since it features the new FT 110 model (not included in the Price Changes list, Dec, 1, 1941; see note 26). 28) Other guitar manufacturers such as Gibson and Martin also discontinued their high-end models and electric instruments around 1942.

29) Fisch/Fred quote a letter Epi Stathopoulo sent to dealers in August 1941: "Owing to governmental restrictions on the use of certain materials, it has become necessary to use substitutes wherever possible.

While the performance specifications of our instruments are not affected, substitute materials may be used.

16) Herb Sunshine filed patent Nov 10, 1937; Fisch 1996, p109f; initially named "Tru Balance" pickup (see note 19), renamed to "Master" pickup in the 1939 catalog.

17) "Rhythm Control" announced in a letter to dealers June 29, 1937 (Fisch 1996, p117). The catalog "Orchestral Guitars" by Selmer of London, 1939, p5, features this model as "Epiphone 8", obviously referring to its price of £8/8-.

19) Excerpts of 1937 flyer reproduced in: Fisch 1996, p117 (Model C Spanish); p133 (Model M Hawaiian), p179 (Model M Mandolin: "Tru Balance" pickup with adjustable poles, no handrest, no soundholes).

20) Wheeler 1982, p30: "in November 1938 (Epiphone) formally introduced a line of gut-string guitars (-225)." 21) Fisch 1996, p35/p38. The Century Mandolin on p31 was illustrated with a retouched image of the Model M Mandolin as shown in the 1937 flyer.

There are two slightly different versions of this flyer, the later one stating changes to the models Blackstone (increased price , "brown mahogany") and Olympic (increased price ).13) Specs and pictures in this catalog are almost identical to the 1936 (orange cover) edition, except: on page 3, the "compensating" tailpiece of the Emperor was retouched to a curved cut-out and engraved "EPIPHONE" instead of "Emperor"; on page 4 "EPIPHONE" was added to the tailpiece of the De Luxe model; furthermore, some of the artists' photos were changed.This catalog was likely published before summer 1937 (note: no reference to Frequensator tailpiece or adjustable neck reinforcement yet).However in some cases "blank" labels with a typed SN were used: There are numerous examples of instruments which have the original SN typed on an untypical, later period label labels (1939-1943) – instead earlier "blank" Masterbilt labels with typed SN were used as replacements during that period.9) Fisch 1996, p69; quoting a letter to dealers dated July 17, 1936: "All EPIPHONE Guitars are now furnished in the new large sizes and greatly enhanced in appearance, representing in many cases a 50% increase in value with no increase in prices." 10) Rocco model named after musician Anthony Rocco; Frixo Stathopoulo filed patent March 9, 1938.

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Regarding the substitute for spruce in carved tops: "Certain carved-top models were fitted with limed mahogany tops in place of the traditional spruce" (Fisch 1996, p43).

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