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Gaining on the Web A simple Google search reveals a slew of videos demonstrating the art of gaining on You Tube.One video depicts a woman struggling to button her pants over her jiggling, round belly.Finally, there’s the uncomfortable art of “inflation,” or forcing air into the body to cause the belly to expand.This can be done by pumping air into either the mouth or the anus.Often, they do so with the help of an “encourager,” or “feeder.” Much of the time, the goal for both parties is for the gainer to achieve a “ball belly,” a big round belly, without putting on too much weight elsewhere on the body. There is a subgroup of gainers called “Submissive gainers,” who allow a dominant “encourager” to take control and decide how much they will eat, and how much weight they will put on.” While “feedees” are often women, there are a number of men out there, many of them gay, who find putting on weight erotic.

“Paddling” is another gainer favorite where individuals place cushions or other items under their clothes to give the appearance of being fat. This is when one gainer uses his or her weight to squash another (usually an “encourager”).

I like being called piggy, requested to oink and being accused of being gluttonous and lazy.”The writer went on to call the fetish “the highest form of intimacy I’ve ever experienced in my life.”Another female familiar with the lifestyle (though not a gainer herself) writes, “The feeder obtains a sense of power and dominance through the act of feeding and subsequently being responsible for the change in their partner’s body, the end goal often resulting in severe obesity, loss of mobility, and inability to perform even the most mundane life tasks without their partner’s assistance.”The writer’s opinion elevates our discussion on gaining from one of sexual fetish to that of sexual submission.

Yes, gaining is for the most part associated with free choice and a willingness to put on weight. Does purposely helping one gain weight to the point of immobility carry with it some sadistic undertones?

Then the relationship started to sour, and the two broke up after five years together.

That’s when Simpson was forced to reconsider her lifestyle.

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#Gaining Weight #feedee.” A number of websites dedicated to the cause also exist, such as and

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