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(If you need a Josh and Andi breakup refresher course, click here). Over the next eight weeks, Josh—along with new pals Brandi Glanville, Pauly D, Aubrey O' Day, and others—will work to discover why finding love has been so hard (um, we could give you a few ideas) and what to do about it.

Prior to the show's debut, we hopped on the phone with Josh to find out his reasons for going back on reality TV and what he learned from his relationship with Andi.

The singer married Duhamel back in 2009, so the two had been together for quite awhile.

A wife, a best friend, who I can definitely spend the rest of my life with. Josh: My entire life, I’ve felt like I’m a good judge of character. Now, I need to be a little more careful, especially when you are a little bit in the spotlight. I have learned a ton from my past relationship, and I don’t want stuff like what I went through to happen again.

I’m ready to really get after it and to start looking and to start dating and move that process [along] a lot faster than I did in the past. I take things a little slower right now, and I really try to learn a lot about that person.

That’s why news of their split, which officially happened in February, took us by surprise.

The good news is that the two still seem to be friendly with each other.

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