Jordan dating man and woman email yahoo com 2016

But we both have i Phones and the reason I suspect he’s sent it to other girls is bc he sent it in March of 2015 and the geotag on it said December.So I’m assuming it’s just the picture he sends to them all lol.________________________________________________________________ This Jordan story is ever evolving.

Jordan convinced me to dump my boyfriend and I actually did. After a few months of being with him, I suspected something wasn’t right.

Hi Steve, As an avid fan of the show, before heading to my viewing party this evening, I wanted to check your episode by episode break down.

Imagine my shock when before I even get to the Episode 1 break down, you say it was obvious who she picks from the beginning, and talk about the opening scenes… I am currently on Raya, an “exclusive” dating app that requires submission and approval and had a waiting list of thousands where most of the eligible bachelors include actors, musicians, and athletes. We matched before what I’m not assuming is his time on the show.

I’m sure if you put out a requests for screenshots of people’s convos with him on Raya, they will exist.

He had since deleted his profile and his disappeared from my messages, but I know someone had some on their phone somewhere. Dating around is one thing, making a mockery of your now very public fiancé is another. I emailed this person back that night and they got back to me three days later explaining more of her, and her friend’s, “relationship” with Jordan…

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