Latin women dating black men

The bossiest girlfriend I’ve ever had was a Latina. If you meet a Latina who was not raised to serve men, guess what happens?

Sometime in the last three years, I stopped saying that Black women have an attitude problem and concluded that they are just defensive. You ain’t getting a Corona until the Bills win the Super Bowl.

The last Asian chick I dated was bat sh*t, and I find a lot of white women who only date Black men in clubs now-a-days. I should have never said, “I really don’t think Black women like me.” That was stupid and not really what I meant.

A lot of men choose to date outside the race because they just can’t deal with that attitude.

If you go back to that prior statement I made about Black women not liking me, it’s because to be honest with you, I’m not backing down.

I want to note that since 2010, I really haven’t done any articles about Latinas because I thought it basically just fell on deaf ears. Keep in mind that a lot has changed since then, but a lot hasn’t.

I hope you guys enjoy the post, Are Black Men Obsessed with Latinas?

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Actually no, that’s what I meant at that time but in the last three years I think that’s changed.

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