Lee dong gun and han ji hye dating

The shock of the announcement comes from the couple only dating for three months, based on their dating confirmation shortly after filming wrapped for their weekend drama.But that shock wears off immediately knowing that Lee Dong Gun is 37 and Jo Yoon Hee 34 years old so they are more than experienced enough to make their own judgment on a shotgun wedding so soon after dating.Speculations about their break-up started last week when they avoided questions about marriage plans when they attended Lee Seung Yeon’s wedding on December 27th and escalated when Han Ji Hye did not mention Lee Dong-gun during her thank-you speech on KBS Drama Awards on December 31. I just can't believe lee dong gun and han ji hye have broken up.I've always thought that they're just so cute together. But their break-up seems convenient too since Dong-gun is planning to enter the military this year.Perhaps, Dong-dun thought of giving Ji-Hye some freedom while he's in military training.

Lee Dong Gun however left a few vague words, he wished Han Ji Hye the best and that he will cherish the past 3 years that they had spent together. they are my most favorite korean couple since sweet 18 and my boyfriend is b type.

I guess it's true that all good things come to an end.

Hope that they can fixed their problem and be together again. but who knows, after lee dong gun's military term, they might just reconcile. I actually still can't believe it :shocked: They were so perfect for each other...

He carried the show and immersed himself in the character. your acting in Queen For Seven Days was superb, brilliant dong gun!

He's acting between a crazy tyrant and in love with somebody he can't have was spot on, and i because of that, i am a fan now He deserves another excellence award for his role in Queen for Seven Days. ok i read all the comments below and i can't stop laughing when i read "Hapsari" comment...ahahaha.seems obvious not only me that want king yung live happily ever after with chae gyung.

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