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Unfortunately, a List Collection View only groups and sorts its items when the view is first created (or when new items are added to the source collection, assuming that the source collection is observable).A List Collection View will *not* monitor changes to properties on each existing item within the collection.The binding engine will automatically generate a List Collection View for such a collection.The List Collection View class provides support for sorting, grouping, and filtering your collection when it is the Items Source for an Items Control.Then it will raise the necessary Add notification so that a new item container and item visuals can be generated. One problem that may not be immediately evident is that adding and removing an item from the source collection effects the List Collection View’s notion of currency (“current item”).For example, if the Bart character was the current item before it was removed from the collection, that state will be lost.You can download the sample for this post to see the complete item template, item container style, and group item style.Dynamically Updating Items is Problematic Ideally, applying a sort order to a Collection View would result in a grouped and sorted view of the collection that is fully maintained even when items within the collection are changed.

🙂 No, you are not lost in your path to enlightenment. More specifically, you are binding to a collection of Person objects (namely an Observable Collection) that, in turn, implements the IList interface.

If you decide that you don’t want to commit the changes, you can call the Cancel Edit() method of the collection view.

It is worth noting that the Item Collection class also implements the IEditable Collection View interface.

(See When this Collection View Source is set as the Items Source of a List Box, it will yield a view of the collection (namely, a List Collection View) in which the characters are grouped by gender and sorted by first name.

Here is what the List Box declaration might look like: The image below depicts our List Box with grouping and sorting.

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Not only would such a synchronization routine be complex, but it is also likely to be .

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