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Naturally, RPG fans had seen their fair share of games with cookie cutter characters and stories.Enter Persona 3, a game that turned the genre on its head. Did the characters holding the gun-like evokers to their heads send a chill down your spine the first time you saw it?As soon as I loaded it up on my PSP, though, all that skepticism vanished.Playing through the game again on the PSP was not only like taking a fond trip down memory lane, but it also provided me a new experience with the game through the eyes of a female.

The PSP version takes a cue from Persona 4 and allows players to control every member of their party, rather than just being able to issue vague strategic suggestions.Tartarus is a twisted nightmare of Gekkoukan High School with 263 floors for you to explore.You're constantly trying to figure out the mystery behind the dark hour and shadows, and each floor you take down brings you one step closer to that truth.Here's something I firmly believe, however: if you're going to re-release a game on a different platform, you might as well make sure its a game that's worth it. Let's turn back time to when Persona 3 first saw release.The year was 2007 and the PS2 was an RPG machine, but it was also suffering from quantity over quality.

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Let me start off the review with stating the obvious: many people will probably complain and bestow Persona 3 for the PSP (P3P) with the label of "cash-in." Naturally, this begs the question: did Atlus release a portable version of the game too soon after its release on the PS2?

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