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I didn't use offensive language on my profile.

For some reason, they took offence to me using Tor Browser.

I will contact Westpac to get them to refund the credit card charge as there was no service provided What a bunch of thieves. Thinking I may have inadvertently deleted my profile I contacted customer support via email.

I was advised by RSVP that my profile was deactivated as "a security measure" because I accessed it from a different IP.

They weren't dressed appropriately, the venue was full to capacity - the venue staff handled everything, and they were politely but firmly turned away.Based on my experience, I would strongly recommend that people NOT join au. It scammed people early on and was sold once or maybe twice. She had a Russian name and very ordinary english so 'she' was suspicious from the beginning. I'm a paying customer and I'm felling like they've scammed me. This is a spin off from an RSVP thread in the venting area.Basically has anyone had a function whether it be a wedding, christening whatever that is catered and required numbers.

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  1. The other problem is that, much like #notallmen, leaping into a stranger’s conversations because you can’t stand to let a perceived error go uncorrected tends to be less about fixing things and more making it about for you and just leaping in just increases the odds that you’re going to trip over your wang in the process.