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By Ayo Awokoya The establishment of peace talks in South Sudan signifies the willingness of South Sudan government and armed opposition to cease the escalation of violence in the civil war, but in the midst of the peace negotiations there was a disturbing omission: only three out of 10 delegates were women.In the face of a conflict that uses sexual violence as a means to subjugate, humiliate, and murder women and girls, this proves to be a grave problem for ensuring long-term peace for South Sudanese women.The spread of HIV is often intentional, used as a biological weapon to inflict a slow death upon the victims as they, with limited access to medical treatment, succumb to the effects of the virus.In conjunction with the threat of HIV, many victims die as a result of the injuries they received during the attack.Engaging women in peace talks humanizes them as individuals and undermines local attitudes that recognize women as property.

Through the victim’s perspective we can identify the social and economic conditions that make women susceptible to acts of sexual violence.

Through their gendered roles, the women of South Sudan they are responsible for the stability of the filial household.

They are the providers, the water gathers, and the child-bearers; in essence, women represent the vitality of the community.

It is recognized by the United Nations that mass acts of rape and sexual violence in conflict is a crime against humanity.

Leaders from the South Sudanese government and rebel opposition need to be held accountable for the deliberate use of sexual violence against civilians.

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