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Chris fathered Simon right after his first year of college and never finished his degree. His father, William, has lost his leg to diabetes and is a gigantic, racist asshole.

Vicki Essex, a Canadian writer of Chinese descent, captures what it’s like being a minority in a predominantly white community.

Tiffany’s parents and older brother run Everville’s diner, but the Cheungs are both fixtures and alien.

Tiffany did not endear herself to peers when she skipped grades.

But happy as I was to see these beautiful losers get it on, what really stayed with me long after reading were the fights. Tiffany gets into altercations with Daniel, her parents, and Chris’ son Simon, and Chris himself. All of the parents yell a lot, and the scenes are vicious, realistic, and holy-shit disturbing. Witness this moment between Tiffany’s parents, Rose and Tony Cheung: Daniel watched through the narrow window as [Tony] headed straight for Rose. “They won’t know the difference.” “If they don’t know the difference why did you buy the more expensive rice? Daniel understands the language, but he also sees it from the outsider’s perspective; he knows that the customers have no idea why voices are suddenly raised. The resolution seems rushed and there is no satisfactory way to defuse the venom of William Jamieson’s racism.

“You ordered the wrong brand of rice.” Trepidation ratcheted tightly in his gut as his mom rang in a customer and said blithely over her shoulder, “I didn’t. Daniel glanced over at the sack sitting on the table. ” The pitch and volume of his father’s voice made the pans in the kitchen vibrate. The moment offers the reader a microcosm of Daniel and Tiffany’s cultural bifurcation; It mimics the experience of second-generation immigrants having to mediate between their parents’ culture and the outside world. But of course, in fiction, as in real life, this is an ongoing project., Mary Castillo Tamara Contreras wants to pursue a graduate degree.

, opens in the middle of a sexual encounter between preppy, blonde Annie Collins and her towering, tattooed, biracial trainer, Oksana Gorinkov.

But Oksana and Annie actually, you know, like each other. I snort-laughed when Oksana exasperatedly/affectionately gave her sister’s age as, “Fifteen, going on whore.”) When like combines with lust, the result is hot sex: Their kiss was heated and rough. Annie scrambled across Oksana’s lap, straddling her stomach as Oksana moved them further onto the bed.Tiffany’s years in New York have left her with chic clothes and shiny hair.Chris is terribly hunky, what with all the hay-bale lifting and the righteous musk of organic farming that clings lovingly to his broad-shouldered frame. “I don’t want to make fried rice for a hundred people with good rice. “Mom gum dai seng-ah.” The scene is tense, but Essex gives it more layers by hewing to Daniel’s point of view.After Tamara makes a stand against her mother and moves to LA, they finally get a chance to act on their attraction.Despite the title, Tamara isn’t , or any of those annoying spicy levels that one often finds applied to Latina heroines as if they’re a menu item. She doesn’t collapse under the weight of her mother and boyfriend Ruben’s attempts to infantilize her, nor when she is rejected by her graduate school of choice.

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